Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Last week, I set a bedtime on myself because I was missing class due to ignoring my alarm clock; and when I did get to class, I'd start drifting. Here's my update to this post.

Tuesday night: 1 am
Wednesday: 1:30 am
Thursday: 12:30 am
Friday: 3 am
Saturday: 2 am
Sunday: 3 am
Monday: ~ 4:45 am
Tuesday: 12:30 am

Basically what you can see here is that my sleep schedule depends on when homework is due or when I have a midterm. Saturday's the only day that doesn't fit that pattern, but can you blame me for going to bed 'earlier' when my alarm clock goes off at 6:45 am Sunday mornings for church? No, no you can't.

Can you guess which day my midterm was and when my paper was to be turned in?


If you guessed Tuesday, you'd be correct! Virtual brownie bites for you!

And somehow I get the feeling that tomorrow night {Thursday}, I'll be staying up late again.

Comm paper due Friday.

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