Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lists: Things to Do Before Graduation

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I made a list today of things I want to do before I graduate.

You know how I feel about lists...

Here's a sample of what's on my To Do List of "Things to Do Before Graduate":
{And no really, that's what the list is called. The piece of paper I was writing on was kinda tiny...}

1. Spring Sing
2. Dance Marathon
3. USC Bonfire
4. Welcome Week concert
5. Explore all the buildings on campus. Or, you know, at least walk in.
6. Visit the Getty, LACMA, & the Grove.
7. Eat at a UCLA food truck.
8. Audition for an acapella group.
9. Take a nap in Powell Library.
10. Flyer on Bruinwalk.
11. Be a Move-In Assistant.
12. Vote during student elections.
13. Chalk about some event on Bruinwalk.
14. Find out what's past Broad in North Campus.
15. Visit the Botanical Gardens in South Campus.

That's as far as I've gotten. But for a five-minute brainstorming sesh right before class started, I don't think I did too bad.

I included a few things I've already accomplished because they were on my list at the beginning of last year. And checking things off always makes me feel better.

I would make a pretty visual like I did for my 21 List {which by the way, I've checked several things off of. But since I've been going nonstop since school started, I haven't had time to write up something awesome for each of the things that I did. Someday, I swear! I almost feel like I should make that my 22nd thing. That I need to write up the updates within a week of doing the item. Hmm}, but I have a midterm tomorrow at 9 o'clock and my brain is basically gone. I really hope I do well, but I'm kind of not expecting to-- everyone I know who's taken the class before has told me that it's awwwful.


It should say something that we're only halfway through the quarter {that's five weeks, people. With three classes a week, that's only fifteen classes!} and I'm already a few pages away from finishing the notebook I'm using for this class.


Okies, I'm out. Somehow, this computer eats my time like it were dark chocolate M'n'M's or something. You start out with a small handful, but then you look down and BAM the bag's gone.

Gnight, lovelies.

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