Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eulogy to Our Veggie Bin

I feel like our apartment needs to start a compost bin.

Not that we'd have any use for the dirt once it's there.

We live in LA, for goodness sake.

Unless we plan on helping out the grounds people for the UCLA campus, I don't see what we could do with awesomedirt since we don't have the room.

But I feel bad tossing things that could make excellent compost.

Explanation: At least for me, I've been so absorbed studying for midterms that I haven't been able to do food prep. So that poor cauliflower I meant to cut up and blanche? Dead. The box of raspberries I meant to eat while studying? Fuzzy. The avocado I bought because I love them? Squishy.


And since we've got no compost bin, it's a sadsad life for these veggies & fruits.

Bye bye!

I wish I could have eaten you while you were still yummy!

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