Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday: Pancakes With Nutella

Pancakes with nutella.

Breakfast of champions.

Or rather, quite hungry college students who just came back from Black Fridaying all night.

Or specifically, me.


My apologies for being MIA this last week. Here's where people normally put all their excuses/reasons for their absence, like computers dying, copious amounts of homework, or vacations. None of those apply to me.

Since it's Thanksgiving week and we got Thursday and Friday off, most of my friends went home either Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm staying here over the holiday weekend and thus wanted to get in the most time with friends last weekend and the beginning of this week as possible.  So I hit the pause button here and went out and adventured.

Sometimes, you just got to make that decision.

I did miss this creative outlet though. Time to get back into the swing of things.

Did anyone else go shopping last night/this morning? I'd never gone clothes shopping on Black Friday before... this was an experience. I did get a few business skirts that fit really well and a couple of jackets {peacoats! Eeeee!} that I really like. Twas a good night. Although my friends were falling asleep on me. The advantage of staying up late normally means this was a piece of cake. I suppose I should go to sleep soon though. It is almost 6:30 am.

Hm. Maybe after one more pancake... *wanders off*

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