Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take Flight

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{it's autumn}
 *laughs* I did warn you that I'd probably be posting at strange hours once school started and voila! here I am.

Shellie & I have our first {out of three} Abnormal Psych midterm tomo... in about five hours.

You know you're in college when you take a nap from 11:35 pm until 12:40 am and don't think much of it. Admittedly, I was only supposed to sleep until midnight, but apparently I ignored my alarm clocks. Sokays. The nap did make me feel better and I can now study without nodding off onto my computer.

{Disclaimer: This is me avoiding studying for the midterm. So I plan on rambling a tad}.

For the last week or so, I've been going to all these business/career/internship events that are put on by UCLA's Career Center or by Campus Events Commission.

The two info sessions I've been to were for Uniqlo & Intern Queen. It's been interesting learning about all these companies and confirming that I really need to intern this year... Making the decision to probably leave DBM isn't really a fun one {I like the job & I'm paid}, but my resume is staring at me and telling me I need to get out there.

Here's my thinking. I can't leave DBM right now because I actually have interns and we're in the middle of their internship session. To ditch would be awful; plus, our team is actually doing quite well and I want to see them succeed.

Because the Fall Internship doesn't end until January 22, 2012, which is partway into winter quarter, I think I'll apply for spring internships and ease my way out of DBM during winter quarter.

Although now that I'm thinking about it, we start the Spring Internship session mid-winter quarter. Drat.

Mayhaps I'll leave after this one and apply during this quarter for winter internships... hopefully the companies won't mind I won't be able to start work until a week later than everyone else?

Hmm. Something to think about. After the midterm. *grins*

Also! For those of you who need airplane tickets during the Christmas season. Southwest is having a sale right now and tickets from LAX back up to NorCal are as low as $35! *laughs* I've changed my flight three times now, scooting the price of a ticket home from $89 {not awful} to $59 {a few days ago} to $35 {whoaaaa now}. Southwest probably hates me right now. They just lost... what, $54 per ticket, plus tax & fees? That's over $108 right there.

I do appreciate them lots though. Yay for watching for sales!

Mickeyla and I are on the same flight back to UCLA after Christmas break. It'll be the first time we've done this since Christmas break freshie year. That's right, we're rocking it 2009 style. *nods like a cool kid*

I really need to finish studying. Or at least looking over everything. I don't know how well I'm going to do on this midterm, but the lowest one out of the three is dropped, soooo...

It's a dangerous thing to tell college students this before the midterms.

Our motivation and drive to study super hard wanes a bit.

Tangent, our apartment is full of fruitflies. They're driving us nuts. They're EVERYWHERE.

We don't even have that much fruit for them to go after. Whyyyyy are they herrrrrre.

Go away, you stupid buggies.

After I get home tomorrow {class/work from 9 am until 6:30 pm}, I'm going to get rid of/put all the fruit in the fridge, throw out the garbage {in case there's a banana peel in there they're feasting on}, and start a new fruitfly trap.

Dumb things.


Alright, I'm going to go stare at this notebook/vocab sheet/practice test and go to sleep before 5 am! Or at least near five.

I'm go for realistic, not optimistic.


Gnight, world.

If I wake up for class and all the fruitflies have magically disappeared, I'll be the happiest girlie in the apartment right then.

You don't even know.

It's dangerous to breathe around here, I tell yah.


{The title's referring to my possible resignation from DBM for better opportunities, plane tickets home, and those silly little insects that're flying around my apartment. I felt I had to explain...}

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