Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Bid You Good Sleep

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{slep-peh bun-neh}
I think I'm alive.

*wiggles fingers and toes to check*

Yep. Still work.


So here's how it went down.

Last night, in bed by 6 am, woken up from almost-sleep by Shellie's alarm clock at 6:30 am, awake from own alarm clock at 7:30 am. Out the door at 9:05 am, in class superstudying by 9:25 am.

I got back from campus around 6:30 pm.

Yesterday, in bed around 5:00 am, alarm clock at 7:15 am, class by 8:40 am, full day of class and work until home around 5:30 pm, back out on campus from 7:45 pm until 10:00 pm.

Two days: ~3 hours of sleep total. Whoot.

I think I'm dead.

Well, I mean, live in the sense that all my essential organs/body systems are working, dead in the sense that my brain isn't.

After I send out an email to my interns with updates and things, I'm going to bed. I'm even willing to wake up early to take a shower so that I don't have to do that tonight.

Slep-peh bun-nneh.

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  1. D:
    does the rest of your week look this busy too?