Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Little Things in Life, No. 13: I'm Sick. Of Fruitflies.

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... hearing some guy unabashedly break into a loud rendition of the vocalizing intro from Lion King's "Circle of Life" just outside our apartment building.

He wasn't half bad.

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{I'm trying}
... drinking half my weight in orange juice in a day and a half.

Being sick is no fun. Although OJ does become your best friend almost instantly after that first sniffle.

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{mine wasn't so colorful. no carrots}
... making my own chicken noodle soup for my cold. It turned out pretty well, except that because I left it out for a while so it could cool down, the soup got absorbed by the noodles and all there was left in the pot by the time I checked on it again were wet noodles. No soup.


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{the one I had didn't look nearly as pretty}
... getting one piece of bacon in my Turkey Bacon Club sandwich that I bought for lunch today.

And it wasn't even a big piece of bacon. How sad.

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{how cute! I wish our fruit flies were this cute!}
... collaborating with Shellie last night to makeshift a fruit fly trap instead of writing our respective lab reports for Psych 100B.

I think it's working. There's a lot of fruit flies in there, hanging out on the chunks of ripe peach we placed at the bottom of the cup.

Go us!

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