Friday, October 14, 2011

Apt 216 Quotes, No. 8: Lyrics

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{... or maybe my dog. you know, whichever.}
Emma, last year, while on a roomie date with Mickeyla & I, singing 'California Gurls'.

Emma: "... so hot, we'll melt your particles" --

Mickeyla: Wait, what?

Sam: It's 'popsicles', Emma dear.

Mickeyla: Did you just sing 'particles'?


Emma, today, lying in bed singing 'Speak Now'.

Emma: "... I heard the creature say, speak now, or forever hoooold youuuuur pea-a-a-ace" --

Sam: *pause* Um, Emma?

Emma: Yeah?

Sam: It's 'preacher'. *starts laughing*

Emma: *thinks about it* Ohhhh. I always wondered why she said 'creature'!

*laughter ensues*


Have I ever told you how much this girlie cracks me up?

She's hilarious.


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