Sunday, October 30, 2011

Adventuring in Santa Monica with Steph!

Third Street Promenade was out in full force yesterday.

The street performers were doing their best to be louder and more eye-catching than the performers next to them; the vacationers were enjoying the incredible weather to its fullest extent; many parents here for UCLA's Parents Weekend were wandering the shops with their kids in tow; everyone was pretty relaxed and chill.

Steph and I were no exception.

Well. In the sense that we were pretty relaxed and just wandering. Not that we were performing or vacationing or a parent of a UCLA undergrad.

That'd be weird.

Here're some snapshots of our day...

{high end boutique or large ocean-dwelling mammal?}
 Steph pointed out that one could technically pronounce the name of this shop "Free Willy" which sent us into a burst of giggles.

Especially because we realized that the store probably did not sell huge aquatic mammals.

In fact, I just looked it up. Apparently, Frey Wille sells exclusive, hand-decorated Austrian enamel jewelry.

{this girl}
 That little white electronic device in her hands came in handy. Who knew you could use your iPhone when 'giving' the cashier a coupon? Awesome possum.

 This basically sums up why I love hanging out with this girl. Well, one of many reasons, really, but hey. Look at that face. Such a cutie!

{this was Urban Outfitters, for those of you interested in those sunglasses or the bunny}.

{oh, ew.}
 Who thinks of something like this? It's so awful, it's mesmerizing...

I'm mildly disturbed by the fact that someone might actually buy this and use it.

H&M, you might want to look into hiring a better designer...

{sparkly nail polish + ice cream with chocolate = love}
Steph introduced me to the McDonald's Dipped Ice Cream Cone.

It's so ridiculously messy, it's hilarious.

You should have seen the two of us out there; just sitting on the curb of the sidewalk in the middle of Third Street Promenade, attempting to look semi-dignified {or at least not a mess} while eating our ice cream.

I ended up pulling the chocolate shell off my ice cream cone and placing it on a napkin next to me because every time I tried to bite into the chocolate, the quickly melting ice cream would squish out between the chocolate and the cone. This made a mess of my hands and the cobblestones around my feet.

Would I attempt this again? Maybe. Probably only with Steph though. I'd feel super awkward with anyone else. Except possibly my apartmentmates. We're pretty used to each other's quirkiness. *laughs*

{goodnight, moon}
That itsy-bitsy sliver of a moon was what Steph and I saw as we were walking back up Bruinwalk to the apartments.

The sky was all dusky pinks and purples and it was just sliiightly chilly outside.

The fence-like thing is part of all the construction going on to beautify Pauley Pavilion.

So far, we students aren't seeing so much beautifying as massive dust clouds that choke us as we walk to class and loud noises that make us cringe when we're walking back up the hill from class.

But on evenings like these when all is quiet and no one is working on the giant building, it's pretty peaceful to walk past the madness.


Did I tell you my entire apartment went to Santa Monica yesterday?

Except we all went with different people and had different goals in mind.

Emma with her ACA hubby to watch a movie, Shellie with her ACA family to go bowling, and I with Steph to window shop.

Nutty girls. We didn't even run into each other. We're funny like that.

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