Friday, September 30, 2011

The Little Things in Life, No. 12: Just Today

{Like those red & black checkered floors? Retro, man}
... getting Powell all to myself today. I took a picture that showcased just how empty the library was and how sunny it was outside, but the contrast between bright blue skies & quiet mood lighting in the library made the picture very dark, indeed. Therefore, please enjoy the loveliness that was my view for about four hours straight.

Yay, studying.

{Don't worry. The rest of our apartment/kitchen table is super neat. *grins*}
... watching our skinnyskinny Emma put away half a carton of ice cream in one 45 minute episode of "Glee". This was what her section of the table looked like in the midst of reading for her classes, planning ACA events, and trying to get some homework done.


I do envy her the ice cream though... *wishful thoughts*

{Isn't that crazy? They were in a straight line all the way across the sky...}
... walking to class and just staring up into the sky because THESE are the clouds hovering above my head.


{if you've never visited Aran's foodie blog, you have MISSED.OUT.}
... going through the pictures on my camera for this post and laughing because about 90% of the pictures I've taken in the last two weeks are all food related.

{raindrops & wet leaves}
... looking out the sliding glass door to our apartment's balcony and realizing that it's raining out there.


The entire day, we were on campus and it was muggy and hot and dense and overall just yucky feeling. The moment we get back, it starts to raiiin? Well, at least we weren't caught out there sans umbrella. Coulda been worse.

{Update/5 minutes later: Erm. Scratch that. It's sunny again. See? LA weather is weird}.

{no lie. LA weather messes with our minds}.

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