Friday, September 30, 2011

Apt 216 Quotes, No. 5: Classic Emma

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{emma falls asleep in strange positions too!}
Emma: So this morning-- well, nooo, it was like 2 o'clock {in the afternoon}...

Shellie & I: *bahahahaha*

{this girl. she and sleep have this love-hate relationship; they love to be near each other and they hate that they get so little time to spend together. So the days she can sleep in, she does. Majorly}.


Emma reading to herself for her Communications class.

Emma: The people filled a suit against--

Me: 'Filled?'

Emma: *pause* Oh. Filed.

Two minutes later.

Emma: Gah. I can't spell 'Chinese'.


Me: China.

Shellie & Emma: *bahahahahaha*

{see this post for reference}

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