Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You & I

{... and chocolate}

I am blessed.

I dearly hope that each and every one of you have a few forever friends that you know will always be there when you need them.

I know who mine are.

And I adore them to pieces.


{two words: time. zones.}

Forever friends are the ones whose emails still make you laugh because you can totally hear the tone of their voice as they type.

Forever friends are the ones that you can be yourself around because they can't judge-- they're just as crazy as you are.

Forever friends are the ones with whom you can get together once a year and you pick up exactly where you left off last time.

Forever friends don't care about distance, time, or medium. When you talk, you have no qualms about teasing each other mercilessly or asking honest questions. You know you can trust them and that no matter how old you get and how much you may have matured since you last parted, you're still ridiculous when you put all y'all together in one room at the same time.

These are the people whose opinions you trust. And when they say something brutally honest that you disagree with, it's not going to end your friendship. You're just going to bring up that one time they did something just as stupid or wore something equally embarrassing that'll counteract their opinion on whatever the subject matter is. Even if you do end up taking their advice, it was still fun to argue about it.


{too true, too true}

You see, I have a theory about these forever friends.

You can tell who they are because when you're with them, spending time with them and chattering and hanging out will be a higher priority than taking pictures of said activities.

At least for someone who's big on being behind the camera and capturing moments, I know that when I'm with certain people, I don't think to dig out my camera because I'm too busy enjoying the actual living.

Which is why I have about five pictures from all of today.

Three of which I didn't even take. Someone else borrowed my camera and took a few.

That's how you know when you're with real friends.

When {your friends > the photos}.

I love you guys.

Ingrid Michaelson's "You & I" was being hummed while coming up with the title.
Cute song.

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