Thursday, August 18, 2011

Journey Through the Depths

{through the madness that's my mind}

I go through phases.

Sometimes I can't stop reading, other times I'll bake three days in a row.

Right now, I feel like writing.

So don't mind the rambling post.

It's just creative genius at work.

No big.


Sometimes, I think writing is the ultimate form of creating.

Normally I'm not the type to actually do the writing itself, but rather, I'm the type that enjoys reading the fruits of someone else's labour {oh yeah, you read that right. Brit spelling, coming at ya}.

For example, books are my first love. Fiction in general, though romance in particular. Not the gushy, dime-novel, swooning-heroine type, but the more adventure, mystery, there-just-happens-to-be-a-good-pairing-here type.

Magazines are my second love. They have pictures.

Both, however, have words and lots of them.

I like reading those words.

It's usually much more interesting than coming up with my own.

So I have nothing but admiration for those who have it in them to sit and write all day.

Obviously, I can't be a journalist.

Also doubtful is being an English teacher.

I think that'd drive me up the wall.

Writing as an author is a little better, if only because I love stories enough to make telling my own worth the effort.

But I think I'd be a one-hit wonder.

I get too easily sidetracked and distracted to stay focused on one thing for any long amount of time.

I think I just said the same thing two different ways in one sentence.

Dear goodness.

{Yes, I realize that pretty much each sentence is getting its own paragraph. I warned you. This is a rambling post}.

I do hope this writing thing sticks with me long enough that I can keep this up during the normal school year.

The upside of having had all summer to work on this blogging thing is that I'm definitely faster than I was when I first started.

It's not that my thoughts are flowing faster or that I've gotten all that much better at expressing myself, but I think it's just the practice that makes it all easier.

Which is nice.

And I've figured out a decent format that works for me and my easily distracted brain.

At least for the moment.

I always wonder, though, if I should/could allow myself to write some ginormous hunk of a paragraph with no paragraph breaks in between and whether anyone would actually take the time to read it.

Only if it were super important is my guess.

Or if they were in love with me, my life, or my blog.

Which, at this point in the game, would be very rare indeed.

Can you believe I'm already a junior in college? How did this happen? And with senior standing? Goodness gracious.

One of the girls my age just got married about a week and a half ago. Admittedly, she also graduated this past June after only two years spent in college. She had that much credit and took that many classes in a short amount of time that she was able to graduate TWO YEARS early. How'd we get this old?

I'm so confused.

Sometimes it's baffling to realize that I'm expected to know what I want to do by the end of these four years of madness.

I mean, I kind of have an idea, but it's not a for-sure plan at this point.

I know that I want to like, if not love, what I do {whatever the heck it is}.

I have a few companies that I'd like to keep in mind, if only because I like their products, so why wouldn't I work for a business I like.

{Oh. There's a lot of repetition of the word 'like' in the past two paragraph/sentences. Too bad}.

But I don't really know what I want to do.

I suppose that comes with time.

Right now, I'd like to have the time to finish cleaning my room and organizing everything for the move back down to Los Angeles and my new home-away-from-home.

I do hope our apartment coalesces and it becomes somewhere that people want to visit, not just a place where the three of us can sleep after a long day.

That'd be nice.


Have I told you I get to take the pancake pan down with me?

My mother says it's technically called a griddle, but we've never called it that in this house before, so why should I start now?

I think Blogger is telling me that this post is getting rather long.

Every time I pause in typing and Blogger has enough time to try to save, it takes a longer and longer amount of time before it allows me to go back to writing.

I think that's my cue to stop.

But my brain is still rambling and I don't know if I can go to sleep with this many thoughts and things running around my head like the lizards in my backyard on a sunny afternoon.

I'm pretty sure that made no sense and I'm not sure if I want to proofread that.


I probably will.

After I go find a picture for this rambling post about nothing in particular.


That's going to be fun.

Good night, world.

Y'all should be asleep, 'cause it's after two in the morning.

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