Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We're On Shaky Ground


As a native Californian, yes, I chuckled for quite a while when I heard the reactions of all those East Coasters on their shaky experience yesterday.

Especially because we had some earthquakes ourselves around midnight last night and nine o'clock this morning.

And no one in our house moved, including the dog.

The difference between coasts is amazing.

Admittedly though, the East Coast isn't built for earthquakes.

The buildings around here are structurally constructed {redundant?} for moving around a bit every now and then.

And it makes me feel a lot safer.

Here's to hoping that our apartment building this year is just as strong...


What's the normal natural disaster in your area? {ie: East Coast = hurricanes, hot/humid weather, snowstorms; Texas = getting run over by an armadillo; Washington (the state) = drowning while on walking down the sidewalk; you know, the usual}.

When I'm home, it's earthquakes. When I'm in LA, it's being hit by a crazy driver, getting stuck in the crazy traffic until starvation kicks in, and inhaling so much smog you suffocate.

All are likely and very possible.

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