Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blogging for Business

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The Chamber of Commerce hosted a Social Media for Business: Websites and Blogs workshop today at the library and since I intern for the woman that puts everything together, I went with her to set everything up.
I had been looking forward to what the speaker had to say about blogging and business, especially because I have PaperLanternLane and it’s always good to learn something new about an area you’re interested in.
However, I disagreed with the speaker on several points and found her rather unimaginative and odd in her thinking about how to blog for/about your business.
I honestly had trouble concentrating for the full two hours for two main reasons.
One, I don’t have an established business, so writing as an informed person on a specific subject to increase your customer base doesn’t apply to me.
But mostly because two, how can I trust someone who says things like, “If you’re feeling uncomfortable, you’re on the right track”? No, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. You should be writing about what you know and therefore, you should be in your element.

{Write What You Know}

 Also, to be told that you don’t want your customers to read most of your content… Whaaat? I would think that’s the point, isn’t it? The longer they spend on your blog reading and getting to know you and trust you as a person in your own right, the more likely they are to use your service/buy your product/think of you in the future as a potential business partner. So yeah, I’m confused about this woman.
Because I personally didn’t get much use out of today’s workshop, I thought I’d compile a list of ways I think you could use blogging to your advantage when it comes to business. Now, I know I’m obviously not the super-expert on this subject, but I have read enough blogs that do have a business side that I think I can put together some ideas if you would like a young perspective on things.
I was going to make this one super long post, but then it got to ‘Ridiculously Long Post’ status and I thought it might be better to split it up. Hopefully, I’ll be posting another section on blogging for your home business on Monday {after I sleep on what I wrote already and brainstorm some more}.
Also, since I don’t have work tomorrow, I’ll try to catch up on and finish the several posts I wrote this past week. Stay tuned! *grins*

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  1. Hey...checking in! Still loving your blog and still inspired with mine. It's just that my time is limited but that will soon change...muwaahaha! (This past week I put in my two weeks notice at more week to go!--being able to quit my job has been sort of a bucket list item for me for some time.) Anywho...just wanted to check in and tell you this post in particular interests me. Can't wait for "part 2!"