Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Little Things in Life

{Kelly Hicks Designs}
... changing a diaper for the first time yesterday. It wasn't that bad. Yay?

{Source Unknown}
... having all the windows at home changed while I'm away at school. None of the mess and drama of the actual installation, all of the benefits of being able to open and close the window all by myself now!

{Though admittedly, lots of my fav ads are Dior ads... They're pretty.}
 ... pretty ads in magazines. Yes, I am one of those people who look at all the pictures first, but at least I go back and read all the articles, too.

{Source Unknown}
... sunshine and temperatures in the high 80s. You can call me crazy, but after nine months of Los Angeles' muggy/humid hot or muggy/humid drizzle, being outside in dry heat isn't so bad.

{TwoPeasinaPod Lanyards Tutorial}
... getting actual lanyards with name tag thingmerbobs for working VBS. It's got my picture, name, and everything! Whoaaa... they're getting so high-tech.

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