Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'll Miss This Girlie

Meet my roomie.

This girl has had to put up with me for about four (or eight depending on how you count it) years of seeing me almost everysingleday, two of which were spent living with me the entire school year. She deserves props.

It took us pretty much all of last year to figure out how to live with each other without killing one another, but now that we've finally got this down, we're changing things up next year. Which I must say, I'm rather sad about (and nervous too), but at the same time somewhat intrigued about what apartment life will bring. We've gotten quite used to each other, you know.

So while I'll miss the inside jokes and the looks of complete understanding we exchange when we see something that amuses us both and the subconscious things that we do for each other as part of everyday life, I'll be looking forward to taking her and Steph up on their offer to drop by any time and stay awhile, to seeing each other a little less frequently so that when we do run into each other, we actually have stuff to talk about (I really won't know how her day went... Whoaaa), to finding out if I can live with girls other than her and still come out alive, to learn to exist without some sort of attachment to my life before college, and to moving forward with grown-up life.

I'll miss you, ickle girlikins; don't do anything too crazy without me.

PS: Remember-- keys, phone, notebooks, pens, brain. Your keys are probably on your desk, behind your computer, and your glasses are in your closet. And no jumping in rain puddles, you! You're going to catch a cold!