Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's Summer Break!

You start to realize it's summer when you go to sleep for the first night at home and turn all your alarm clocks for the morning to 'OFF'. And you know that no one will care if you sleep the entire first day back.

Which, you know, I kinda did...

We left school at 9pm, got home at 3am, hung out for about an hour, and then I went to bed around 6am. (Whaaat, I was reading a book! I never get to read books at school!... I mean... *coughcough* Ones that aren't textbooks? *sheepish grin* I do my class reading. Usually.) Slept until a little before 3pm-- which is nine hours, the normal amount of sleep one's supposed to get... just offset by a few hours maybe-- and then went downstairs 'cause my Mummy had made me lunch and insisted I should eat. It was really good. After which I was sent back to bed because I apparently looked tired. Read some more, fell asleep at 6pm, woke up at midnight, munched and chattered with my parents, and then sorted through one of the boxes that I brought home to dig out my crafting stuff.

And now I'm here. Blogging at 5am. Which, you know, is a normal everyday occurence... Everyone's doing it.

Wait, they aren't?

Oh, shoot.

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