Friday, June 17, 2011

French Toast

Today, I attempted French Toast.

Let's just say that I learned some PaperLanternLessons... *sheepish look*

And I still need to do the dishes from this morning's kitchen experiment.

Amendment: Captioning this post took so long, I finished doing the dishes. Sink's all clean now! Yay!


Here's my attempt at being artsy. I must say that while that front piece looks pretty good, the angle of this shot makes the rest of the slices look... less than appetizing...

I think this is my favorite picture of my French Toast. Probably because it looks like they turned out wonderful.

The side I did on my own...

The side where my mother came by and turned up the fire under my pan because she thought it wasn't doing anything. *sigh*

Hee. Foodie blogger shot!

Oookay. So it didn't really taste so great. Therefore, I thought I'd try to salvage it by making French Toast Sticks...

Like so.

They were... meh.


PaperLanternLessons learned on this one are as follows:

One: If you're not planning on baking the French Toast like the recipe calls for, then don't use 1-inch thick pieces of bread. Because when you try to cook it in a pan like pancakes, the middle stays raw no matter how burnt the outside may get.

Two: Yeah, that's about it.

Note: From 9pm to midnight later, I baked Banana Bread. First time. Post coming soon!

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