Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring Banquet 2011

I've realized that I just need to write. Formatting a blog comes with time and experience and practice; and if you don't do anything, you can't practice. So. I shall ignore my original formatting of such-and-such article on this certain day and just write about life as it is right now.

That being said, I had a pretty wonderful week.

Not only am I now done with all major projects for this quarter (papers and a debate), but I'm also done with work for this quarter (the Marketing section of our college newspaper)... AAAND it was Spring Banquet yesterday (THE Spring Banquet-- yeah, that's right, you heard me).

I love Spring Banquet.

[I was going to take a photo of my shoes from yesterday, outside where it'd be all pretty and artsy, but it didn't happen. Maybe for the next formal event!]

And today marks another big day-- I'm going to post a picture with my face in it.

*collective gasp*

I know, riiight? But trust me, this photo's pretty gorge if I am allowed to say so myself.

But yes! Photos of Spring Banquet!

The Dress:

It looks a little sad here, but I promise you, once I get these upper arms all toned and beautiful, it just might be my go-to "Aww, I'm so cuuute" dress!

The Theme:

For from Him & through Him & to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever.
-- Romans 11:36

The Centerpieces... (A Before Look):

They were so pretty-- flickering candles in the sand with shells and pieces of colored glass surrounding it and a mirror underneath to create a deeper look. *sigh* It was really pretty.

Apologies, because I do realize that's kinda dark.

The Small Group of Yesteryear:

We're adorables. I contemplated apologizing for the fuzziness of this photo, but I just so happen to love it, so I don't think any apologies are necessary.

Love these girls.

The Centerpiece... (The Remains):

For some reason, the candle at our table was the only one to look like this-- melted almost to the bottom, with colored wax spilling out of it like a water fountain, filling the mini sand dunes with solid waxy stuff.

Why us?

Although admittedly, it was fun to watch it melt in on itself and disappear... So cool.

The Aftermath: 

This is my artsy photo of the insane number of bobby pins I had in my hair last night (and I'm pretty sure that's only about half... they were falling out all night, so I think I lost a bunch-- sadness!), my bracelet (which is elastic for all of you who were wondering how I got that on my wrist), and my asymmetrical earring choice (which worked out amazingly well because my hair would have tangled so madly with the dangly earrings had I worn both of them).

Can you tell I had fun?

By the Numbers: 

Aiight. So if the bobby pins are grouped into sets of five and there are six full sets and one partial set, just how many bobby pins were left in my hair by the end of the night?


So that was my Saturday night. And I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The only regret? I felt a little guilty that my dress was a tad short, but had pushed it out of my brain as not tootoo short until we ran into a guy on our floor in the elevator and when he asked where we were coming from and I said a Christian fellowship banquet, I got a slightly raised eyebrow.

Apparently, it was a tad too short.


Anyways, now that my dress is hanging on its hanger beside me and my roomie is snoring away, I think today would be a good day to get homework done, don't you?

Have a lovely day off tomorrow and for all the fallen soldiers, we love, appreciate, and miss you!

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