Monday, May 30, 2011

A Plethora of Fedoras

Here at UCLA, it's Jazz/Reggae Fest time again and while it's much improved over last year (ie: crazy bass music and wailing coming through our windows and walls right in the middle of studying for finals), there's something that I've noticed that kind of cracks me up a bit.

Or at least makes me chuckle. Quietly. To myself.

Apparently, attending a Jazz/Reggae Festival means that you're practically required to wear a fedora.

Not even kidding.

Do you know how many of these Jason Mraz-esque head coverings I've seen in the last two days? It's amazing. And kind of scary when you realize that all these people had fedoras in their closet. Makes you wonder-- just who else has one of these things? *skeptical glance*


[If you were wondering... yeah, I've actually got one somewhere, too. But it's the stylish, 20's-esque burgundy corduroy kind with a black ribbon around it. None of this straw fedora business.]

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