Monday, May 30, 2011

Military Inspired

In honor of Memorial Day... well, not really, but it's vaguely related... I give you a post completely and solely focused on Military-Inspired Jackets!

Just so you know, I love them. Lots.

[Most, if not all, the pictures are going to be from Modcloth because, apparently, once something's no longer 'this season,' all the stores stop offering it and I can't find the ones I loved during autumn in the middle of spring... Sadness].


{Go Go Inspector Coat}
So I really really love this coat. And if it were in stock right now and I knew I wouldn't feel guilty getting it, I totally might. Can you imagine this with skinny jeans and black boots? Amazing. With a coat this memorable, style simply, people.

Then again, this is one of those statement jackets that's hard to wear lots without people commenting on it over and over again, so if your goal in fashion is to never wear the same thing twice (or at least that other people notice you've worn twice), then this may not be the coat for you...

{Beauty Regiment Coat}
Um, can you say "so awesome"?... So. Awesome.

And look! It has ribbed elastic-y stuff on the bottom! So it pretty much fits anyone. And according to the description, it's made out of sweatshirt-esque material, so it's soft and comfy, too.

{Hoodie Gumdrops Jacket}
Cause who doesn't want to be both the rebel in a hoodie and the general with brass buttons all at the same time?

You're the one in charge... aaaand the one who dislikes authority.

You're just confused.

Or, you know, super cool.

{Better Slate Than Never Jacket}
So I'm rather in love with this one, too. And the name. Who names the clothes at ModCloth?!? 'Cause their names always make me think... and then smile because, what do you know, I get the reference! Yay, me!


So there's that. I wanted to create my own outfit from scratch, but maybe another time. For now, let's just all enjoy the niceness that is sunshine, blue skies, no clouds, and procrastinating against homework.

... Oh. That's just me, huh?

Well, it is tenth week...

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