Thursday, July 25, 2013

List Love // Endless Repeat

Sprinkles Royal Baby Cupcake
{Sam, Rainbow, and I went to Sprinkles after work yesterday for a free Royal Baby cupcake. Amused}.

+ This song. And this song. And this song. Have been on endless repeat since I first heard them. All good. All addicting. Best. Go listen. Right now.

+ Another mini-documentary-- this time on a man ninety-seven years young, still following his passion and creating goodness in the world... via Microsoft Paint. My favorite medium. {I'm not entirely joking. My poor dad probably has more of my early artwork JPG files on his computer than he knows. Additional bonus of learning how to draw on Paint? Excellent left hand mouse skills. Yeahhh, man}. By the way. His "Thriller" painting? *happysigh*

+ Debrr, this blog post about best friends is for you. Love you.

+ If you haven't already seen this crazy gorgeous love letter to San Francisco fog, then you need to go do that now.

+ Twitter calligraphy. It exists here.

+ I couldn't sleep the other night, so I fell willingly into the black hole that is "Related Articles" on Buzzfeed. Here are a few of my favorites:
How You Know You're a List Maker. Excuse the language in some of the lists. I approve of the concept of lists, not the specific lists used.
How to Be Fabulous, as told by Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith, and Judi Dench. Yes.
Places to Go Camping Before You Die. Prettyyy... Course, I'd be fine just exploring them and not necessarily camping, but whatevs. Details.
How to Build an Epic Blanket Fort. Because this was supposed to happen last year during finals week and it didn't. Hmph.
And lastly, Anne Hathaway's Pants. Because this made me laugh more than it should've. 

+ As a unrepentant night owl, this is my kind of medical article.

+ There's a big difference between relatively unknown boy bands and well-known ones, as witnessed by the huge variance in costuming for music videos. See here. And now here.

Alrighty, friends. I'm off to spend the weekend with the besties. Here's to forever adventuring!

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