Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Foodie Adventuring // Bruxie in Brea Downtown

Bruxie in Brea Downtown // Exterior 

Last Friday, Steph, Charity, and I went out to Bruxie for dinner in Downtown Brea. It was one of the places that Steph said we had to go to if I ever visited her in La Mirada. And since I was in town, staying at her place for the weekend...

Bruxie in Brea Downtown // Movie Theater 

We left for Brea after Charity got home from work and changed, around 7:30 PM. *grins* You know you've got awesome friends when they know that you want to get there before the sun sets in order to take pictures.

Bruxie in Brea Downtown // Interior 

Brea Downtown is a happening place. There were people everywhere when we arrived, although thankfully no line at Bruxie's. Charity knew she wanted the Pastrami, but Steph and I stood at the register and stared at the menu board for a while, trying to make a decision. The girl behind the counter didn't seem to mind too much since there were no other customers waiting behind us. Eventually, Steph went with the ever-popular Chicken, and I took a chance with Lox.

Bruxie in Brea Downtown // Pastrami 

Being the foodies that we are, we split our waffles into thirds and traded all around. This IS why we have friends, right? 

Hot Pastrami Bruxie: Boar’s Head Pastrami with Gruyere, Cider Slaw, Spicy Brown Mustard & Half Sour Pickles. This is definitely one of those waffles that is a little messy and falls apart when you try to eat it. While the pastrami itself was good, with just the right amount of salty {although Steph said it was a little too salty, so be forewarned}, I think I liked the waffle part of this one better by itself. The gruyere, coleslaw, mustard combo on crispy waffle was amazing.

Bruxie in Brea Downtown // Honey Chicken 

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffle: Chili Honey and Cider Slaw. This one. We get why it's their best seller now. This one was my favorite by far. Just try it.

Bruxie in Brea Downtown // Lox

Smoked Salmon Lox & Dill Cream Cheese: Michele Cordon Bleu Cold Smoked Salmon with Herb Cream Cheese, Cucumbers & Chives. A quirkier California take on a New Yorker's stereotypical breakfast. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my dinner... just that it was eaten at the incorrect time of day. Not going to lie, I probably should have ordered something that was a little more... substantial. I love lox, but I liked Steph's order more.

Bruxie in Brea Downtown // Creme Brulee 

Strawberry Creme Brulee: Classic Vanilla Créme with Burnt Raw Sugar & Seasonal Fresh Fruit. Steph's little sister AND her mom recommended the Creme Brulee waffle as something I just had to try at Bruxie. I think we made the mistake of ordering it at the same time as our actual dinner waffles though, because by the time we got around to dessert, the waffle itself was a bit soggy. Which kind of decreases its awesomeness. It was good, yes, but maybe we'll have to return to try it when it's not cold and wet...


I wanted to include a photo or two of my lovely dining companions except... well, the entire block had a blackout as soon as we got our food. It was kind of funny actually because everyone on the block froze when the lights went out and didn't start moving again until the lights came back on halfway. When the lights went out again, for good this time, everyone was like, Ohhhkay. I guess we're calling it a night, and started clearing out of the area.

Since we had just gotten our food and the sun was still out {though setting fast}, we decided to stick around and eat while people-watching. Observations:

+ Those poor people who came streaming out of the movie theaters. We thought about how it must have been pitch black in there, but then we realized that everyone has smartphones now and can just turn on the flashlight app. So. Yay, technology?

+ People began rushing back to the parking structure once they'd made up their mind to leave. With the sun disappearing behind the horizon and no lights to brighten up the parking structure, we got the feeling that everyone wanted to find their cars before they couldn't see anymore. We were very glad we'd parked in another lot on the other side of the mall since our area still had lights.

+ We overheard a waiter tell the people behind us, I'm so sorry, but your waffle... is stuck in the iron. Would you be willing to wait for the electricity to turn back on or would you like a gift card? The three of us were probably more amused than we should have been over the probably-burnt-to-a-crisp waffle that was stuck in the waffle iron. Anyways.

I had fun catching up with these two girlies over dinner. I get the feeling that Steph and I might go back some other time to wander the rest of the Brea Downtown area, since we couldn't do that Friday {no lights} and maybe try something different at Bruxie while we're there. Either that, or we can try to make our own waffle sandwiches next time... Hmm...

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