Thursday, May 23, 2013

You Know You're a Night Owl When...

You know you're a night owl when...

+ hearing the birds start to chirp outside means you should probably go to sleep soon.

+ your concentration is actually better and your focus more keen.

+ your productivity levels shoot sky high after 2 am.

+ dance parties of one happen around 4 am more often than you'd think.

+ silence is the best study music.

+ your roomies are asleep when you come in to the apartment and usually asleep when you leave, too. {At least this year, since my roomies both go to sleep super early. Last year, the entire apartment consisted of night owls so we kept each other company during those frequent all-nighters}.

+ going out to play around 11 pm is normal.

+ your least functioning hours are between 3-6 pm.

+ you write blog posts at 6:15 because you don't want to go to bed.


I really probably should go to sleep though. Have to be somewhere with Steph at 9 am tomor... today, so. G'night, friends! :)         

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