Monday, May 6, 2013

You Know You're Besties When...

Steph & I at Spring Banquet 2011
Steph & I at GCC Crossroads
Besties-- Spring Banquet 2012

You know you're besties when...

+ you randomly get phone calls that go something like: "You. Let's go. We're in the driveway. Hurry up."

+ and you were already headed over there anyways.

+ you get in the car without knowing where you're going and, frankly, don't care either way.

+ you have no personal bubble around them.

+ literally.

+ they're always your first choice invitee when you've got extra tickets or a day off from school.

+ germs don't exist between you.

+ you stay up until 3 am on a school night talking about everything and nothing.

+ common sense and sleep are two things that are ignored in order to spend time together.

+ you can read their eyes.

+ you can easily have an entire conversation that consists solely of inside jokes.

+ 24 hours is way too long to not see each other.

+ roomie naptimes span apartment buildings. distance doesn't matter.

+ you want to learn everything about their life before they met you.

+ you're comfortable enough around them to sing loudly to the radio when in a small, enclosed space {aka, the car}.

+ you make plans and significant others aren't invited.

+ others think you're normal until all of you are together... and then all bets are off.

+ your ease around each other confuses other acquaintances.

+ you know each other's weaknesses and use them against one another. shamelessly. no qualms.

+ in a crowded room, you find each other within three minutes of walking in. always.

+ you spend more time in their apartment building than you do your own. so much so, you've got your own key.

+ no one blinks when you come over at 11:30 pm to study/play.

+ your dad texts them to check on you if you don't answer your phone. since there's a 90% chance you're together.

+ your mom sends you internet articles for them since she knows they'd be interested.

+ class schedules are planned around how many classes can you take together.

+ you assume you'll still be involved in each other's lives after college, even when you're living in different places and not seeing each other 24/7, so why bother discussing it?

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