Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Foodie Adventuring // 5i Indochine in Culver City

5i Pho- Menu

Last Thursday, after babysitting for a family in Westwood for two hours, Steph and I came back to her apartment to find Evelyn waiting for us. Lunch & banquet dress shopping? Okay, let's go.

5i Pho- Interior

Evelyn wanted pho, Steph wanted pad thai, and I didn't really care where we went, so as per normal, Steph scrolled around Yelp to find a place that was near Westfield Culver City since we wanted to go shopping post-lunch.

She found 5i Indochine and, to be honest, we missed it the first time we drove past. It's in a small strip mall on the corner of Sepulveda & Sawtelle, between a saloon and an aquarium. Which is a weird combination, if you ask me...

5i Pho- Hot & Sour Soup and Pad Thai

The exterior of the restaurant is still in progress; right now there's simply a banner that has the shop name in small print. But the interior is pretty and simple and the food itself is good.

I ordered the Hot & Sour Soup which came in a much larger bowl than any of us had expected. Delicious, but since one of the main ingredients is vinegar, you have to remember to pace yourself. You don't want to strip your throat of all lining, cause that really hurts.

Apt 213- On Couch

These kids. They're funny.

Dress shopping was unsuccessful {which I expected since all the stores have now switched from prom dresses to summer music festivals}, but we had fun wandering the shops. Yay for impromptu outings. :)


Sidenote: Getting full-blown sick during 9th week Spring Quarter senior year really, really, REALLY is the worst. *sigh*

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