Monday, March 4, 2013

Dance with me.

Can I Have This Dance?

"Can I Have This Dance?" from High School Musical 3 just came on Pandora.

This song will forever remind me of senior year.

That was the first year that our super-conservative high school allowed dancing to occur during the Winter Formal. Even if they described it as {and I quote}: "synchronized movement to music in an open area."

That description gets me every time. Ha.

Here's where I'm supposed to describe the most magical moment ever between me and the mystery high school boy of my dreams swaying softly together while this song played overhead and the lighting was low.

Please. Who do you take me for. *shakes head in disappointment at your raised hopes* You're so silly.

I actually never attended Winter Formal. The first two years, my friends and I had an anti-Formal {which wasn't actually ANTI-Formal (as in, we weren't against it-- we just didn't really care); the title simply meant we decided to casually hang out together instead of paying for an overpriced ticket to an okay dinner with a speaker where the most exciting things about the night were (1) getting ready and (2) taking a bajillion pictures with people we didn't really talk to normally}.

I forget what we did junior year... huh.

Then senior year, I think everyone planned on attending. Even I, skeptic that I was of this event, didn't plan on not going {double negative alert!}. But alas, dress shopping for a teenager who knows what she wants, but is either too short, too flat, or too slender to fit the dresses she likes makes for a very frustrated mother {sorry, Mom...} and a mildly disappointed high schooler.  Although really, if not finding a dress could keep me from going to the formal, I obviously wasn't that eager to go. 

I did join my friends for the afterparty, which really was the best part anyways. It included watching the guys play... what's the video game that's kind of like Guitar Hero, but with a whole band? That one. And watching Mickeyla play the virtual drums and, after the guys left, baking and decorating cookies until the sun rose.

It was at this afterparty that I was enlightened to the fact that admin allowed dancing that year. It was a BIG deal. Granted, the 'dancing' was mostly awkward line-dancing led by an alum two years older than us, but there were two slower songs where people actually touched another human being! *le gasp*

One of the songs was Taylor Swift's "Love Story" and the other was "Can I Have This Dance?"

I have to admit, this song is really cute. Very sway-able. *laughs* Have you seen the music video though? That sudden rainstorm cracks me up every time... {On a different note, 2008? When'd we get so old? Eek}.

Note: I forgot to mention, but Winter Formal 2013 just took place this past weekend. And you know you've officially left high school behind when you look through the pictures {which no longer dominate your newsfeed the Saturday after the event} and recognize one of every fifty people. #nostalgia

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