Monday, February 11, 2013

Lunch Adventures // Jinya Ramen Bar

Jinya Ramen Bar- Cute Menu Display
Jinya Ramen Bar- Outdoor Seating
Jinya Ramen Bar- Menu
Jinya Ramen Bar- Tonkotsu Black
Lunch adventuring, part four.


Who: Gavin, Evelyn, & I
Where: Jinya Ramen Bar in Sawtelle
When: 12:30 pm

The Restaurant: Gavin still wanted ramen this week, so we wandered down Sawtelle, past Olympic Blvd, to find a new place to try. Jinya was actually full due to the lunch rush, but we were given the option of sitting at the bar or at the outdoor tables. It was sunny outside and the temperature comfortable, so we chose to sit along the sidewalk.

It wasn't too bad-- the street's a little loud at times {ambulances tend to drown out conversation, but only for a short while} and there's the risk of people smoking nearby *coughcough*, but we could be as loud as we wanted and we got our vitamin D requirement for the day.

Our waiter was super friendly, if a little forgetful... Once we'd finished, it took a pretty long time for him to come check on us and bring us the check. *laughs* Actually, when he finally came out to check on us, he cleared our table, went to put our leftovers in takeout containers, brought them back, and went back in without giving us our check. Good thing we're honest, cause we just sat there waiting instead of up and walking away without paying-- which he made very easy to do.
The Food: All three of us ordered the Jinya Tonkotsu Black Ramen because it sounded like the most interesting thing on the menu. It arrived rather quickly, which was nice since my dining companions were rather hungry. It's definitely flavorful. On the other hand, you can practically feel the fat in the broth thickening your arteries and soaking into your bloodstream as you eat it. Which is kind of scary.

I would have said that it was really good except for the fact that I watched my broth form a solid film of fat as we sat waiting for the check. Which freaked all three of us out to no end. And when I tried to scoop off the fat a few hours later... *shudder* There was. no. layer. As in, all the "broth" in the takeout container was pure, unadulterated fat. Ohmygosh. I know tonkotsu is fatty, that's a given, but this goes beyond normal tonkotsu. Gaaah. It does taste amazing, but I just can't get my mind around the fact that I'm ingesting straight lard.

I'm conflicted as to whether I want to finish the rest of my leftovers or call it a loss and move on. Ew.

The Conversation: Mostly senior stuff. Senior trip. Gavin's baby picture for Banquet. Post-graduation plans. Next quarter plans. More post-graduation plans. This weekend's possible impromptu trip to NorCal. The underclassmen. General teasing and inside jokes that come with being friends for four years and being very comfortable around each other. How fatty the broth was. Horror at the filmy layer that formed within minutes of finishing. Yeaaaah... I'm sensing a theme here. {I was trying not to go on and on about it, but gaaaaaah *shudder*}.

After Lunch: Alice had texted Gavin in the middle of lunch asking for boba, so we went to CoCo's to pick it up for her. We were quite proud of ourselves though since none of us actually bought anything for ourselves. Yes! {Then again, that was partially because we're waiting for Gavin to go to Half and Half Thursday and pick us up some then}.

Conclusion: Steph was still with family today, Matt had an interview, and no one knows where Mickeyla happened to be. But even though it was just the three of us, the conversation was easy and the teasing constant. If you're in the mood for something super flavorful, but completely, completely unhealthy, try this place.

I must say that I'm rather sad that this was my last lunch adventure with these kids for the quarter. Internship, I'm glad I got you, but raaawr, you interrupt my playtime. :( It's okay. I know it's better for me in the big picture. But still. *waves sadly at friends* Time to be responsible.

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