Friday, December 21, 2012

In Review // The Hobbit

The Hobbit-- Gandalf Quotes

Today was the annual Christmas hangout with my high school friends.

I adore them.

We watched The Hobbit, which Steben told me I must see because, and I quote, "it has BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH AND MARTIN FREEMAN. they're hunks." Ohhh-kay then... *O.o*

So here are my thoughts on the movie... 

{By the way, spoiler alert for The Hobbit if you haven't seen it yet. Don't tell me you weren't forewarned}.

{Also be forewarned that my brain is a little jumpy right now and it WAS a three hour movie, so the connections between thoughts are a bit random}.

Observations about the movie:

+ Did you know that previews last about twenty minutes now? That's a long time.

+ Although the previews we watched actually weren't bad. Star Trek: Into Darkness, Man of Steel {another Superman movie}, Jack the Giant Slayer {Nicholas Hoult!!!}, and a lot of movies where "EARTH HAS BEEN DESTROYED. HUMANS ARE ALL BUT EXTINCT/HAVE BEEN TAKEN OVER BY A GREATER ALIEN RACE." It seemed to be a theme. Which I guess makes sense with all the December 21, 2012 business going on.

+ I didn't actually have to ask what was going on too-too often during the movie. That was unexpected. {Oh, to explain, I haven't read the book, nor have I watched the LotR movie trilogy, so...}

+ The cinematography is GORGEOUS. Oh my goodness. The details are amazing and the whole thing is just straight up pretty.

+ The storyline was a little... disjointed. I mean, it made sense and I'd still recommend going to watch the movie in theaters {again, the details}, but go to enjoy the pretty scenery and the many, many... many battle scenes and not so much the story. Because that plot line left me with so many questions. Like:

1. Why is Sebastian the hedgehog such a big deal?

2. What is with the bunny wizard and how come he kept leading the Orcs back to Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins, and the dwarves as opposed to away from them?

3. How is BB supposed to restock his pantry? {a tangent and not really important, but I did wonder}.

4. Didn't the rock giants feel the traveling party making its way across their knees?

5. Why were the rock giants fighting to the death anyway? Cause it's raining?

6. Really? A trap cave that fed into the goblin/troll {I'm not actually sure which... I'm thinking goblin?} underground kingdom? Why didn't it kick in sooner?

7. Wait, so what happened to their shaggy ponies? Did they get eaten?

8. Did the bunny wizard's forest get better?

9. Benedict Cumberbatch got film credit for that? All he did was breathe heavily! And you never even saw him. *shakes head*

10. Who kept the necromancer's sword after the meeting?

11. How did BB stay so decently clean this entire journey?

12. If trolls can't take sunlight, then why'd their troll hole have sunlight streaming in when the traveling party searched it?

13. Is it bad that I thought the long goblin battle scene was hilarious? I think I grinned the entire time.

14. What did he say? {he = a variety of people. There were some thick & crazy accents in this movie}.

15. For being on the run so often, you'd think these dwarves would be a tad skinnier, no? Although, I guess they are in shape since they do so much running about and they aren't panting.

16. This doesn't seem to be tying together very well...

17. Wait, the movie's over/not over? Oh.


{or is that the entire LotR trilogy and I need to go watch that now?}

+ On the other hand, there are some really great quotes in this movie. Thank you, Tolkien.

+ Ian McKellan makes a much better Gandalf than he does Dumbledore. MUCH. BETTER.

+ This movie needs to be seen in 3D. It was made for 3D. I was so impressed and in awe in 2D, but with all the overhead shots and the "things are flying at us" type shots, it would probably have been even more amazing if it were watched in 3D.


All in all, it was a really pretty movie and I did indeed like it very much. I recommend watching it in theaters {large screen!} in 3D {augh! things are coming at my head!} with people who will willingly sit with you until you're the last people there, applauding and appreciating everyone who worked on the film {and partially because some of you want to see if there's an extra clip at the end}. Who knew this movie needed food stylists or best boys? Or readers? I can read. I want to be a reader...

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