Sunday, November 11, 2012

What about geishas?

Think Before You Act

There's this whole controversy about Karlie Kloss wearing a Native American headdress during the Victoria Secret 2012 Fashion Show.


Again? Really?

Does anyone else find it interesting that there are always cries of RACISMSTEREOTYPEPREJUDICE whenever something even vaguely ethnic is portrayed in the media that has to do with African Americans and Native Americans, but rarely when it has to do with Latin Americans or Asian Americans?

Why is that?

I understand that, in this case, VS is sexually objectifying a culture, but they've done that with parts of Asian cultures in the past and there was no uproar.

What we have before us, fellow citizens, are three possible options as we move towards the future.

1. African & Native Americans need to stop being overly sensitive.

2. Latin & Asian Americans need to start being overly sensitive.

3. Media needs to quit walking into these situations without thinking.

I mean, really. You'd think people would learn from previous mistakes.

If you know others are going to react like this, since they have before, why would you try it again?

It's like walking into a wall over and over again and expecting a different result.


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