Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why Design

Simple is Powerful
How I introduced myself at today's six hour Design Training meeting for Daily Bruin & BruinLife:

Hi, my name is Ellie, I'm a Communications & Psychology double major. I actually grew up in the same small town N did. Just to clarify, our small town really IS little, so anytime we run into someone from there away from home, we're insta-buddies.

{N backs me up with a: "BFFs, totally!"}

I don't actually have any experience with design-- any official experience, I mean. I actually have a background in copy and marketing-- which are two different sections of Yearbook-- but I really wanted to challenge myself. I'm looking at all the companies I'm interested in working for and realizing that most of them are creative. Plus, I'm a total bookworm, and I gotta say, I definitely judge a book by its cover.


May I just say, it's always an interesting sign when you spend the lunch break talking with the "TA" {the assistant design director for DB & a fellow senior} and the teacher of the class, instead of with the other kiddies in the class.

Because, no lie, they really all were kiddies.

I could feel them wondering what an old person was doing in this class.

They're almost all freshmen.


Dear Goodness.

To make it worse, they're coming straight out of high school & four years of newspaper/yearbook design experience. Gaaah.


 On the upside, I get to be the cool kid that they can all ask questions about everything. 
Apparently, my memories of UCLA life my freshie year are drop-dead-fascinating now.

Who knew.

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