Monday, October 22, 2012

Cloudy with a Change of Cain, VogelsTRong, & TheRiot

SF Giants Orange October- Good Baseball

 ... Taylor Swift's new album, Red. Favorites of the moment: Holy Ground, 22, & Starlight.

I have a penchant for drums and music with a beat.


Alternatively, you could say game 7 is today. And NLCS stands for National League Championship Series, fyi. If you want a glossary of baseball terms, I found it here.

Also, if you aren't able to physically watch the game in person or on TV/Internet because you have homework that requires a decent amount of concentration, you can follow along with the game here. Or, you know, ask your dad to text you updates. He's faster anyhow.

... is amazingly good for learning computer techy things. You do need a log in/subscription, but if you're a student at UCLA, you can just sign in under your school ID and access it for free.

So far, I've learned how to use iMovie and I'm making my way through the InDesign course now. Tis pretty awesome.

... the new shoes I wore to church worked out pretty well. I found that the only people who noticed I was wearing heels {it's a decently rare event} were the people I hang out with/talk to somewhat often. They're used to looking at me from a certain angle and when that angle changes, they get confused.

Twas funny.

... being the last one to bed {by a lot} and the first one awake {by a good amount}.

It sucks. But that's the way life has to be this quarter {2 days of 8am class, 2 days of 9am internship, 1 day of 7:45am church pick-up, 1 day of Design Training workshop}. You know it's bad when your definition of 'sleeping in' is now 8am {Wednesday's when I have class at 11am}.

How did I end up with roommates this year who think that sleeping until 9am is 'sleeping late'? *aya* Such a difference from last year...

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