Saturday, August 11, 2012

Olympics 2012 // Reasons Why I Love It

1. Team USA.
My home, my country, my team.

2. The 3-minute blurbs before events that make us fall in love with athletes we've never heard of and will most likely never hear about again.
Their stories inspire ours.

3. The Olympic parents.
They're just as dedicated as their athletes, supporting unconditionally and loving always.
They're so cute and I love watching interviews with them and their reactions to their kids' performances.

4. The commercials.
 It may be the Communications student in me, but I love the brilliance of some of these commercials.
Along with the ideas and writing behind the commercials, the music-- wonderful choices.
5. Close finishes... and landslide wins.
They're both thrilling in their own way. I think I cheer for both the same way...

6. Watching events that you can and will only watch every four years {or more}.
Synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, mountain-biking, kayaking, men's gymnastics, and for me actually, beach volleyball {I live on a college campus with no TV. It happens}.

7. Cheering on dreams and joining in, whether to celebrate or console.
Highs: Michael Phelps. US Women's Gymnastics. Women's 3m Synchronized Diving. Nathan Adrian. Women's 4x400m team. Ashton Eaton. Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh-Jennings.
Lows: Morgan Uceny. Jordyn Wieber. Rogers and Dalhausser.


The Olympics may only come around once every four years, but the drama, the hype, the teamwork, the emotional highs&lows, the beauty, the effort, and the tears are more than enough for that span of time.

I love it all and these past two weeks have been heaven.

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