Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile Picture

I was feeling creative and artsy.

So I made the profile picture for my LinkedIn account.

Is that weird?

{be forewarned. there's a semi-ridiculous number of photos of me in this post... *O.o*}

From a slightly awkward Spring Banquet pic {sorry, Steph}...

To a cropped version...

 Effects, Cross Process, Green...

Overlays, My Own, and careful erasing = final product.

It may look a little strange here, but in the itsy-bitsy inchxinch square that LinkedIn gives you for a profile picture, it works pretty well. Contrasts you versus the background and all.

On a related mini-tangent, I've been a PC person all my life. I understand the usefulness and brilliance of Mac computers, but *shrugs*, it's what I get for having a dad who worked for HP while I was growing up. Anyways. My point is that because I have a PC, I don't have Photoshop. Which is quite unfortunate given my chosen major because knowledge of Photoshop is practically a requirement. *sigh* That being said, I've gotten quite good at using PicMonkey to make photo-edits and that's where all these were made.

Just an excited heads-up: they just added a TON of new fonts to their selection. New favorites include Channel, Quentin Caps, Backspace, Stroke Dimension, and Sketch Block. Old favorite I'm so glad is available now? Bleeding Cowboys. {Gee, that sounds gruesome. It's gorgeous though}.


I just discovered the Highlights feature under Touch-Ups.


I don't think I look half-bad with blue, purple, and pink streaks in my hair.
If I ever had a rebel phase, I could've rocked this, right?

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