Monday, July 23, 2012

SF Renegade Craft Fair // Scenery

Five minutes after getting out of the car, my two companions and I realized just how windy it was and slightly regretted not bringing jackets. But then we walked into the building where the craft fair was and all was well.

Although I did realize rather quickly that I would be the slow one of our group. I think next time I attend one of these things, I should probably go by myself... that way I can wander to my heart's content and not make others wait for me.

We were extraordinarily close to Alcatraz. The below photo is actually from the same picture, but zoomed-in. I'm amazed by how clear it is, really.

And then we turned the corner of the building...

... And saw this view.

The bridge was right there.

{If you ignore all the other awkward people taking pictures...}

Quintessential San Francisco: bridge, fog, seagull, ocean, sunshine.

This is a port city.

Bikes by the water.

It's pretty in its own way. I happen to like consistency and equal spacing, so this photo makes me happy.

Twas a good day.


Favorite booths and things coming soon!

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  1. You weren't that slow. :) We all took turns. I'd totally go with you again any day!