Monday, July 2, 2012

Feeling Tech-Savvy & Song-Birdie

Right now, I'm...

Blog notes & Glee Season 2

>  playing around with the format and layout of this bloggy & updating 'Favorite Reads'. Tis quite interesting to play with graphics and text and all the numbers that come with figuring out the perfect size and shape of all the pictures and posts. I find it kind of fun. Trial and error and all that.

> singing along with the Glee Music Jukebox features on the Glee Season 2 DVDs.

> feeling my legs fall asleep on me and trying to avoid that 'pins-and-needles' feeling by wiggling my toes.


On a completely different topic, Daddy and I have been watching the 2012 Olympic Trials for swimming, gymnastics, and track the last several nights. Last night, they announced who made the Women's Gymnastics team and who the alternates were; special congrats go out to Anna Li, former UCLA gymnast, who made the team as an alternate! Yay! {I can say from first hand viewing that she's quite the awesome... Congrats, Anna!}

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