Saturday, June 30, 2012

Adventuring: Paw-A-Thon 2012

The parentals, Zoe, and I headed out to the San Leandro Marina to check out the 2012 Paw-A-Thon this morning. We went last year and there were a lot of different types of dogs; this year, maybe it was the weather, but there were less people and less booths. Still, the people and dogs that did make it were super nice and very friendly.

Look at this face. D'awwww.

And then there's this face.




Those little brown lumps in the foreground?

Ground squirrels.


And our puppy ignored them in general unless they chirped when she was near-- then she thought they were squeaky toys and went after them with a vengeance.


The ground squirrels are taking over the WORRRRRLD!

Even though the day started off really cloudy and windy, that all burned off and the sun came out all sparkly and happy by the time we went walking on the trail there.

Lots of dogs, lots of people.

Lots of poofy clouds.

Sparkly sunshine.

The still water and sheepy clouds make a lovely contrast.

Baby alpacas! Awww. When their person walked away to move the rabbits into the vehicle, the brown one started 'baaaaaaaaaaa'-ing so forlornly and sadly that everyone standing around felt just as forlorn and sad.

Apparently, this is how you transport an alpaca.


Twas fun. Mom bought a hands-free leash for the dog that I tried out. If I were a jogger or runner, it'd be perfect. But I'm not really, so basically the dog took me for a walk. Great exercise.

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