Thursday, April 12, 2012

Save a Little, Spend a Little

Just for all you kiddies who do their shopping in Westwood-- RiteAid is almost always cheaper than CVS. Trader Joe's is almost always cheaper than Ralphs.

So. Go to those stores first, and if you can't find what you need, thennn head over to the more expensive places.

Note that this is a college town though, so everything's kind of 'spensive.


{It's called Dreamy Poppy; gotta love $0.99 nail polish}

Tangent: I bought a nail polish today that I was hoping was more coral... nope. Darn those fluorescent lights and their effect on color perception. It's, like, a hot pink with a touch of orange... If it were a Crayola crayon, it'd be Salmon or Tickle Me Pink with a tad of Mac'n'Cheese. {*grins* Can you tell I was one of those kids who could name all the colors in the box of 64? Oh yeah. We're awesome}. Ew, pink.

So now I'm left with one hand painted and the other not. Lopsided, I know, but *shrugs* tha's how it goes {'t' purposefully missing-- I talk funny sometimes, you know?}.

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