Friday, April 27, 2012

Quarter Cookout 2012

GOC's Annual Quarter Cookout
 Today was Quarter Cookout, where you can buy a hotdog and a soda for just 25 cents!

Yes, we are serious, and no, we aren't charging 25 cents for the hot dog, 25 cents for the bun, 25 cents for the soda, 25 cents for ketchup, 25 cents for mustard, 25 cents... {somebody asked us if that's what we were doing and it made us laugh}.

We weren't in Ackerman Plaza this year by the Bruin Bear, but instead moved to Court of Sciences. And it was nice-- felt marginally less hectic and there was shade for the people waiting in line. The weather was sunny without being too hot and there was a nice breeze blowing.

Twas a good day.

Join us next year!

{our Shasta soda selection-- I had a better picture, but there was a person in it. *sadface*}

{*grins* Yeah. We bought about a thousand hot dogs and the bun pile went past my photoframe. We only had about 100-200 hotdogs left at the end of the event.}
*ha* We had a couple people pay with twenties. Like, seriously, guys? Ohhkay. If you really want your change in dollar bills, we can do that. Nineteen ones, three quarters. Have a great day!

{Also. I just noticed, but the dates on those photos are wrong. Whattheheck... Just fixed the date setting on my camera. But drat. All of yesterday's photos {all 250 of them} have the wrong datestamp. Grr.}

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