Friday, February 3, 2012

Lessons in Public Relations, Week Four

1. Re-research your clients every now and then.

It's a good way to keep updated with the latest stuff that's going on with them and which articles they've been featured in recently. Plus, if you don't, you can get caught up with only knowing about what you're working on for them and forget they're out there promoting their own business, too. Stay informed.

2. If someone makes a bad comment on an article that your client is featured in, know about it BEFORE the client finds out.

Another advantage of re-researching clients. If you don't catch these mean people before your client does, because they're compulsively checking for comments every hour on the hour, it can be seen as you're not doing your job and staying on top of things for them. Which can be dangerous. Because you'd like those clients to stay your clients.

Again, stay informed.

3. Speak up.

Otherwise A thinks you're frightened or intimidated by her. Which, I mean, you kind of are, but you're not going to tell her that. You think you're trying to be polite to everyone else in the office. She thinks you're a timid little mouse that's never going to make it in PR. So. Be loud and direct. Wait.


There we go.

4. The day I decide to wear a nerdy tee shirt to work, A would pay more attention to me.

Mind you, it was still decently work appropriate and I had a cardigan on, but when she was talking to me, she kept glancing down at it. Not good. Don't try to distract your boss, no matter how unintentionally.

5. A pitch is the little blurb that you send to the media that they'll read before they read your press release.

It's kind of like a veryveryvery short cover letter in email format {because you've attached your press release to the bottom of the email, which would, in this analogy, be your resume}.

Greet them, say 'I hope this finds you well', tell them who you're writing on behalf of, a short paragraph on the product/client/what they did that's so great, thank them for their time, and bid them adieu.


Adieu! *grins*

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