Monday, February 20, 2012

All's Been Quiet on the Blogging Front

Three Reasons Why I've Been Missing This Last Week:

1. It was Midterm/Paper Season at college campuses around the country.

At least for the ones who follow the quarter system.

And Midterm/Paper Season is killer on Free Time. I'm pretty sure I wrote something about this last quarter... *shrugs* Just goes to show how true it is.

2. After Midterm/Paper Season, there's been a flurry of fun events.

I figured since I don't have any midterms this upcoming week, I can goof off this weekend {three days, whoot!}. Funnily enough, I'm still ridiculously busy, but at least this time they're things I could look forward to all week.

3. Sleepeh Bunneh Status.

It's a Steph term. It means that you are one sleepeh bunneh and your bed sounds even better than lots of giant carrots.

When I do have free time, naps are the modus operandi around here.


On the upside, here are three reasons why a pause in writing was kind of a good thing:


Yay! So all that time studying and slightly freaking out was not in vain! Onto second round!

2. I read several non-textbook books.

E-books are one of the best things to happen to this college student. It's nice to read a bit before bed. Although the five book limit and unable-to-return policy isn't so cool. I can't return books I've finished: I have to just keep them until their due date comes along which takes up a spot that I could be using for a different book. Rawr.

3. I had time to attend events which means more things to write about now that I'm back!

Sooo many events-- the Food Truck Panel, M/W Retreat, High School Reunion Dinner, AQUARIUM TODAY. *excited* I'm leaving in about ten minutes, so I'd better finish this up. But yes, happyhappy day!


Happy Presidents' Day and I hope you get the day off because holidays are lovely.

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