Saturday, January 14, 2012

What I Learned from Riding the Bus

1. Buses are actually pretty convenient.

They stop almost every block and they come by faster {more often} than you would think.

2. If you get on the bus heading away from campus on a weekday morning, you get the bus to yourself.

Which is nice when you have to sneakily change your footwear from tennis shoes to business casual flats before anyone gives you funny looks at the office.

3. It's better to pay fifty cents for a fifteen-twenty minute bus ride than it is to walk half an hour, bus ten minutes, and walk another half an hour for free.

Especially when it starts to rain. Cause those days are going to be bad enough as it is. LA doesn't drain well.

4. The seniors on the bus are sometimes the cutest folks on the planet. They're also sometimes the grumpiest. There's a full spectrum.

And then there're the awkward Asian boys who try to sit next to you cause you look about their age... and you're an Asian girl. Please. Don't.

5. Flow with the bus. Else you'll end up on the floor.

Not that that happened to me. But standing on a moving bus definitely is a skill I've got to work on.


I'm sure I'll come up with some more as the quarter progresses. Oh. I just thought of one last one...

6. Try not to freak out too much when the bus doesn't come for ages and ages. Because the moment you call someone in a panic, the stupid thing shows up.

No lie. This evening, the Big Blue Bus #1 was supposed to come by every ten minutes or so. It took the darn thing over a half an hour. Not cool. Especially because it was dark, businesses were closing, it was windy, and I had one bar left on my phone. If I got stuck out there, there was no way I could call for help. Lamelamelame. And scary. *gah*

That'll teach me to remember to charge my phone.

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