Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Little Things in Life, No. 18: This Weekend

{Steph as a bear, Mickeyla as an armadillo, Me as a cow. Theme? Noah's Ark.}

... screaming my lungs out during Broomball.

Last year, I ended up in the hospital with four stitches on my chin from this annual GOC event, so while I didn't play because I didn't want to give my parents another over-$1000 medical bill, I could and did cheer my team on as loudly as I could.

Broomball is awesome. You should try it.

... making pancakes for/with friends at three in the morning after Broomball and discovering that white chocolate orange-flavored cranberry pancakes and marshmallow pancakes are the best things EVER.

The company was pretty good, too. *grins*

... realizing that having bony knuckles and elbows can be very useful.

For instance, when playing Punch Buggy, bony knuckles means your punch is pretty solid. And bony elbows come in handy when both hands are full of groceries and you need to tell the elevator to come to you and then where to drop you off. Bony elbows are also useful for turning on lights when you've got no hands.

... eating dinner with friends at our first CD Reunion. Which was actually held in my apartment. *eee*

I never get to have people over at my apartment, so having people over was sooo fun. We expanded Shellie's table and used all the dishes and the entire room was lit up and everyone was chattering and it actually felt warm in here and *happy sigh*.

Next quarter. Let's do this again!

... putting the apartment to rights in about half an hour while listening to the laughter of those who were playing Nertz and Bang.

Steph and I collaborated on the dishwashing/drying/dishwasher-loading. The double sink full of dishes, cups, and utensils was gone amazingly fast. She wiped down the table, I took out the garbage. You'd never know we were here just a bit earlier with all the chairs in the apartment {and the step stool because we ran out of chairs} surrounding the table and happy munching going on.


This was a good weekend.

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