Saturday, December 17, 2011


This past week at home has been filled with the sounds of UCLA Women's Volleyball as the Championship Regional, Semi-Final, and Final matches were played in Kentucky and Texas.

My dad's a huge fan of the team and has been following their progress since I started college two years ago. He can quote stats all day long.

The UCLA Women's Volleyball team beat Penn State and University of Texas to play in the Semi-Finals against Florida State. Triumphed yet again there and then just finished beating Illinois in a four set match that nearly gave my dad a heart attack.

And they did it! They won!

*mental squee of elation*

I'm so excited for them. I'm sorry that they couldn't have more fans in the audience as they got their awards and cut the net. Since the game was in Texas, pretty much all the parents and close friends went to cheer them on, but not just general UCLA students/supporters. I would so have loved to be there for the game.

So. Awesome.

Congrats, ladies! You were amazing this past week and completely deserve this win!

Whoo, UCLA!

2011 National Champions!

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