Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shrieking Gleefully. Or Not.

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{love the songs. iffy on the plot.}
Every Wednesday, Steph & I usually find time to watch the latest episode of Glee on Hulu.

This particular Wednesday, we both had homework that needed doing, so we pushed off our Glee date to tonight.

And may I just say, watching TV shows with this crazy girl is ridiculous fun.

Tonight, we got Mickeyla to semi-join us as we watched; she was half watching, half browsing Pinterest.

These two.

They're my favs.

Because we all have the same reactions to everything.

And it's great.

Case in point, {GLEE SPOILER} our reaction to the last three seconds of "Pot of Gold".


Mickeyla: gaaah. euck. ew.

*laughs* I don't think this properly conveys the level of shrieking that was going on in their apartment, but let's just say that it was loud enough that we could probably be heard across the courtyard.

In terms of Rory, I got a kick out of the fact that as soon as he started singing, all three of us were like, "Wait. Where'd his accent go?" *confusion*

I found out tonight that Steph agrees with Emma and I.

Last year, when Blaine was first introduced as a character, Emma & I came to the conclusion that all the hot guys were either taken or gay.

*grins* Steph mentioned tonight something along those lines in reference to Blaine and Sebastian {I think he's introduced in "The First Time", which we can't watch yet because FOX is being silly and making us wait 8 days to watch the latest episode}.

I'm in love with this song clip on Hulu.

They sound amazing and Sebastian's pretty awesome.

Hee. Glee nights are fun. We get a little strange.

Or stranger than normal, rather.

And it's fantastic.

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