Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dependence & Its Influence on the Contents of Our Fridge

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{cozy socks and breakfast foods}
I couldn't sleep.

If you can't tell by the influx of posts at crazy hours of the night.

I think that I wrote four complete posts tonight, three of which I actually posted. The last one I didn't quite finish yet because I had to be somewhere by 7 pm and didn't have time to find a picture. Considering how unsleepy I am right now {it's 6:07 am}, I'll probably have that done by 7 am, tops. Might not post it until tomorrow though, so that I don't seem as crazy... *grins*

As I was goofing off on Pinterest {because, really, it's so much better than facebook for bothering about late at night}, I came across the picture above and, while I wasn't planning to even mention this especially in its own post, I felt like writing about the unfortunate plight of college students who live in apartments but don't have ready access to a car.

Well, actually, this post is about milk.

And our apartment's current lack of it.

Because we finished it yesterday.

But since we don't have a car, we have to rely on other people {very kind people, I might add} who are willing to drive us to Ralphs to buy groceries.

Now mind you, Shellie and I have gone grocery shopping sans car and it isn't too awful, but it definitely is preferable to not have to walk about a mile carrying a gallon of milk plus the rest of our groceries. I actually wrote something up about how Shellie and I go shopping and our methods for that a while back ago, but apparently never posted it. Sorry, tangent.

Anyways. Yes. Our apartment's lack of a car equals depending on other people and their grocery shopping schedule/needs. And since none of my friends are apparently in need of foodstuffs at the moment, we're stuck with no milk in the fridge.

All this just to say that: because I couldn't sleep, I thought I'd bake something or eat something, but everything that sounded really good while I was trying to sleep, staring at the ceiling, required milk. And we have none. Which made me sad.

I had Whole Wheat Cheddar Goldfish instead.

With juice.

No milk.



{blogging is so much faster at weird hours of the night. no distractions i guess. actually, i'm more efficient doing everything at weird hours of the night. i like the night. oh. post for another day. i know that'll be a long one...}

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