Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Delayed Response & Change

Apparently, as much as I love taking pictures and documenting everything, Blogger has a different view.

Writing posts isn't the problem.

Getting pictures to do what I want them to do is, however.


I'm going to see how not adding pictures for a while {from my camera} works; when I have more time {read, not in the middle of midterm/paper season}, I'll go back and add them.

And I never posted the guest posts from Mickeyla & Debrr.


I think I'll go do that now.

It's amazing how fascinating the Internet is when you're procrastinating and avoiding a Comm Theory paper.


Oh well.

Also. I'm thinking of reformatting my bloggie. Like different background {simpler & less busy}, different color scheme, etc. Streamlining. Probably not changing the fonts, though, because I rather like them. So yeah. Change! You've been forewarned.

Possibly adding more structure to the way I post as well. I've been playing around with having a topic/series for each day so that writing is easier when I've got homework to do & midterms to study for. Plus, I've got a ridiculous number of things I want to write about, but haven't had time. With restructuring will come redoing Labels because I'd say about half of the ones on the side over there {*points to your right*} aren't even valid or used. So what's the point of them being there?

Change. I don't like it, but sometimes I do. It's a conundrum, I know.

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