Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

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{because we all wear nothing but Hermes scarves when it's snowing outside our train window}


Or rather, it has three holes in it: one for mah head, one for mah right arm, and one for mah left arm.

It's like a Snuggie before Snuggies ever existed!



So it's been freezing around here lately. People keep trying to layer up and wear more clothes, but really, how many layers of t-shirts can you pile on before it becomes a little hard to move around?

Staying warm in the dorms was never a problem. I didn't realize how much I took it for granted until I moved out to the apartments... because only in LA would the apartments come equipped with an air conditioning unit and fans, but no heater.  Gah.

Plus, our apartment doesn't get any sun {we kind of feel like we are coming down with a case of year-'round SADs (Seasonal Affective Disorder)}, so even when the light does peek through the clouds, we don't see or feel any of it.

You should totally see Shellie and I right now. I really hope no one rings our doorbell because I look completely stupid. I'm warmer than I was a little while ago, but I look very silly.

Shellie's all wrapped up into a blanket coccoon with hot tea with honey in front of her. She's sitting at the table, essaying. She looks pretty normal, if a little cold.

Then there's dorky me. I'm cross-legged on our couch, feet tucked in, grey-and-white striped beanie on head, white-and-black pre-Snuggie covering me from neck down. The only thing not covered by this blanket are my hands, which are slowly freezing as I type this. Rawr.

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{she makes the blanket look classy. I make it look functional}
I'm super amused by this blanket, by the way. I knew I had a black-and-white blanket somewhere with me because I've been lugging it back and forth from home to dorms to home to dorms to home to apartment ever since the start of freshman year. Never used it once. Because our dorm room had a heater. But now... Now I've busted out the blanket because it is cold enough to keep the Brita filter we keep on the counter the same temperature as the one we keep in the fridge.

That's craziness right there.

I had completely forgotten, though, that this blanket has holes for my head and arms. When we bought it from IKEA soverylongago {like... four years? Or more?}, the bottom of the blanket was actually stitched together as well, so that if you stretched your legs out in front of you, the end of the blanket would cover your toesies.

I'm super short, so I just took out the stitches because I couldn't reach that far anyways.

But I had a proto-Snuggie! And I had completely forgotten!

It's super warm, by the way. Just... odd looking.

May I just say, it's 46 degrees right now.

{Yesterday, it had a safety alert because the temp dropped so far below normal. Ha.}
I know Debrr, who's out there in New York {or Pennsylvania. I get confused} right now, is probably laughing at me because she busts out the flipflops when it hits mid-40s over there, but I'm a California girl through and through, so 40 degree weather makes me want to burrow under my blankets and hibernate.

Tomorrow, we're actually having a special guest post from our lovely Debrr on seasons {what're those?} and BAKING APPLES. What is this. She's turned into a true East Coaster after just two and a half years at Cornell. *grins* She's got the outerwear collection and the boots to prove it, too.

But come back for that, because she's awesome and I love her and she really is a fantastic foodie. I wish she were here. Because then she could make me this yummyyummy recipe you all can see and try and love tomorrow and it'd be perfect because it's warm and I'm. still. cold.


I don't get why native LA-ers think they've got such great weather. After two and a half years here, I can safely tell you it's a lie. NorCal > SoCal, anyday.

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