Friday, October 14, 2011

Sunshine, Sleeplessness, & Interns

{It's blindingly bright out there... Where're my stunnah shades when I need them?}

It's amazing how few hours of sleep one can survive on and still be functional.

How in the world I survived high school on three to four hours of sleep a night and didn't feel too sleepy blows my mind now.

I think going off to college does something in your brain that makes it think you're ohsomucholder and thus must require seven more hours of sleep than before.


On the other hand, getting older means that I get to do things like interview internship applicants... and get interns sprung on me an hour before they arrive for their orientation.

Oh shoot.

I am now in charge of five lovely kidlets who are super eager about working on our marketing campaign and are wishing that we could get more done in our two week rotation than just one creative brief.

Sorry, kiddies. S'what happens when my boss has unreal expectations.


It's been superduper sunny down here in LA lately.

This means ninety degree weather and air-conditioning, big sunglasses and sundresses.

I think I need a real picture of what I see around here, instead of someone else's picture of wherever they are, so I'm going to head up to the roof to get a shot of LA.

Be right back...

*3 minutes later*


{It's that square, boxy thing on the hill}
Don't you wish you could see the Getty from your rooftop, too?

I tried to take a picture of the Los Angeles skyline, but somebody *coughapartmentnextdoorcough* needs to trim their trees.

And there's too much smog.

But what's new about that?

Pull up one of those lawn chairs and join me?

{Not that I'm sunning... I'm actually going to go take a nap because this is one sleepy bunny}.

Don't get sunburned, dears!

{soundtrack of today: Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer. It sounds so summery. *happy*}

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